Balanced Leadership

"Diafora’s core business: gender diversity, a crucible of company change and performance."

Greater gender diversity now represents an important tool for transforming companies and enhancing their leadership models. It is a prerequisite for the collective intelligence that generates performance.





Management teams from complementary, wide-ranging backgrounds, for a company that is better equipped to tackle a global market and make increasingly complex decisions… A company that is more innovative, and consequently more effective.


Women now make up 60% of university graduates in Europe. Businesses now realize that the ability to attract and retain top talent is essential for building and consolidating a competitive advantage. They can no longer ignore a pool of talent that represents more than half the active population.


Improved management thanks to a knowledge of the market. Women make 80% of purchasing decisions in consumer markets; the challenge for many companies will be to determine how to seize market opportunities and harness growth potential through innovations that truly respond to women’s expectations.