Leadership Commitment

« Diafora, working at the heart of each executive committee to obtain an exemplary, coherent corporate initiative»

Diafora has been working with corporate governance bodies for more than 10 years to promote effective gender diversity in corporate leadership – an important tool for change and performance in light of the challenges posed by transforming companies in today’s world.


Our approach is based on instilling and raising awareness and getting executives involved.
Thanks to our acknowledged ability to call executive and management committees to account about their role and commitment, the entire company can understand how these issues are evolving as a means of improving collective performance.

Diafora works with executive committees to ensure that all of these stakeholders are strategically aligned, through workshops and training programs for both male and female managers.


The “Leadership / Talent / Markets” Triptych

Leadership and Management: the New Leader is “completely male/female-bilingual.”

Talent: regaining confidence, an essential factor if men and women are to deploy their talent – together.

Markets: greater acknowledgment of gender diversity, for more innovation and a better understanding of markets and customers.


  • Create coherence by ensuring that the business’s strategy, leadership models, management systems and resources are consistent.
  • Ensure each Excom is aligned and committed, with its members proactively serving as role models both individually and as a group by providing coherent support for corporate values and initiatives.
  • Help executives get involved by serving as Mentors for employees with high potential, both male and female, and provide them with the resources to take action.
  • Develop a collective intelligence strategy that is firmly business-oriented.

Bertrand Collomb (†)

« A better balance of men and women at all levels of corporate responsibility is an important objective. There are women in every company with the qualities to be excellent board members, but they are largely or completely unknown to the company’s president or nominating committee. Experience from this program shows that after mentoring by company presidents, these women quickly become ready to serve as board members. This program will not only help to increase diversity on boards of directors, but will also enable these women to broaden their experience and enhance their visibility, and in the process increase their likelihood of being appointed to executive committees »

Lysiane Beaujard

«Over the last three years, more than 300 women working for Danone have participated in DIAFORA leadership programmes. Learning to take a step back, having confidence in oneself, gaining in self-assurance, being dynamic, a real change has been triggered »