About Diafora

Diafora has been a pioneer in driving gender diversity for improved corporate performance for more than 15 years.

A pioneer in promoting gender balance in the workplace, Diafora is now celebrating for more than fifteen years of expertise honed by its activities with executive committees and its encounters with corporate leaders, men and women managers and the 9000 women who have taken part in its Female Leadership programs.
They have decided to address the issue of “Bilingual Leadership” by men and women alike at the heart of each company’s collective intelligence and performance.

Where it all started…

Having observed more than a decade ago that women were absent from decision-making bodies despite their ever increasing numbers at top universities, Véronique Preaux-Cobti founded Grandes Ecoles au Féminin, a group representing women in France’s Grandes Ecoles, to find out why…

She very quickly discovered that the issue to be addressed most urgently was not women, but corporate culture…

… Because in order for the culture to change, we must change it everywhere, especially in areas where we have gained legitimacy.
Diafora has since been actively working with Executive Committees as well as HR managers and personnel to ensure that in addressing the issue they speak individually and collectively with one voice, as part of their duty to set a consistent, exemplary standard. They generate business performance by recognizing talented employees and developing an understanding of the markets that is informed by both a male and female perspective.

… In order to move forward, we need work on both sides; with companies and women themselves.
That’s why, a decade ago, Diafora introduced the first inter-company training specially designed for women.


There is no “magical” or “one-size-fits-all” response.
Diafora tailors its strategy to each company based on its challenges, its customer markets, its corporate culture and its level of maturity regarding diversity issues. It does not offer a ready-made solution.
Diafora works with businesses as part of a comprehensive action plan that involves all of the company’s key stakeholders: its governance and executive bodies, its managers and female talent.


Through expertise gained as a consultant to major corporations, Diafora has found that this issue is not restricted to a given business sector, country or geographic region.
Diafora has developed international expertise by providing services to its customers worldwide.

The Diafora Consulting network of trainers and partners – experts in leadership and organizational issues – are a source of critical cross-industry operating experience acquired at international corporations and institutions.